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Run your car or bakkie on water with a HHO or HHOO generator.

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July 2011

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2 July 2011

The amperage has lately dropped to 11A at start-up because it is getting cooler still. I eventually got around to measuring the gas output today: 450ml per minute. I added a few flakes of KOH to up the start-up amperage to 13,5A. At this amperage the output is now 500ml per minute. The car has been running ever-so-slightly unevenly on start-up so I turned the MAP sensor enhancer down a fraction (a VERY small adjustment). I'll see what response these tweaks give.

15 July 2011

I did a 285km round-trip to Durban today and the engine ran well all the way. The start-up amperage was 11,5A. Even though I added more KOH 2 weeks ago to bring it up, I guess the cool morning temperatures are still keeping it down. At the end of the trip the amperage had climbed up to 21,5A. I unfortunately didn't have time to measure the gas out-put at the end of the trip, and I only got around to measuring the temperature after more than an hour after stopping: 45deg C. The weather warmed up to the extent that I ran the aircon for most of the trip so considering the system ran without the PWM I think it did reasonably well. I don't have the money to top up the tank so I can't measure the consumption. I would like to think that the consumption was better than normal if I go by the amount that the fuel gauge dropped, but the real test is by topping up the tank.

All going well I will be traveling up to Jozi in the next week or so. I don't expect that the amperage will stay under 25A for the whole trip so I will switch off at that point to prevent the electrolyte from making more vapour than gas.

21 Jul 2011   

I eventually filled up today after doing an additional 104km in and about town and the total result was only 11,73km/L. Not so good as this is only slightly better than what I expect without the electrolyser in operation.

22 Jul 2011

I did another round trip to Kloof and back, about 300km plus 30km town driving: 12,34km/l. In reality this does not reflect a better consumption than on the previous trip. At the end of today's trip the temperature of the electrolyte was 60deg C and the amperage was 21A after starting the day at 11A. I sure miss the PWM.

I will continue tweaking the MAP sensor controller and see if I can find that "sweet spot". I would like to play around with the amount of HHOO as well but without a functional PWM I can't up the output. As it is now I can't run the electrolyser too long before the temperature results in more vapour than gas.

Perhaps this is a good thing for now. Having no PWM forces me to only tweak the one thing that can now be adjusted, and that is the MAP sensor controller. This is the right way to go about it: one mod at a time.


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