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August 2011

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18 August 2011


When I last filled my tank back in July I did another tweek to the MAP enhancer. I adjusted it a little closer to the usual signal. All my travels since then have been on local roads, 60 and 80km zones.

I have noticed that the start-up amperage has slowly been dropping and it is now around 8A. Because of this, and the fact that all my recent local trips haven't been for more than half an hour at a time, the amperage doesn't rise much above 12A. I think that there are 2 possible reasons for the start-up amperage to have dropped. The first one is that the cell might now be functioning more efficiently, or secondly the plates may have given off enough gunk to make the cell less efficient.

However, there might be good reason to think that my first line of thought may be correct: the tank has taken a long time to drop and it is now only just approaching the quarter tank mark. I checked the last recorded mileage when I filled the tank last month against my mileage as of tonight. On this tank so far I have achieved 1116kms on less than three quarters of a tank! And the capacity of the tank is only 45 liters!


I need to check the gas output at start-up and then again after it has run a while to get a benchmark. If I can, I also want to see if I can measure the signal that is now going to the MAP sensor. If I can peg it then perhaps I can help others with the same make and model car as mine.

I would like to fill the tank at least twice to verify the results before I can truly believe that I have managed to get that "sweet spot".

What if my calculations are wrong? The only factor that I can think of that could contribute to a massive error in the consumption figure is if the odometer is playing up.

I don't have the money right now to fill the tank so unfortunately I will be stressing for a while still!

As soon as I have measured the gas output etc then I will post this information.

It looks like my patience (which I normally don't have) with the tweaking has eventually paid off.

19 August 2011

I checked the gas output from a cold start: 300ml per minute at 8A. I will be doing a short run to town just now and if the cell has warmed-up I will check the output again.

I went to town, but the stop-start and short distance did not raise the amperage or temperature at all, so I didn't bother to check the gas output again.

23 August 2011

The amperage has continued dropping until it was down to 7A at start-up. So today I decided to check my setup. The level of electrolyte had dropped to about 70% of the original level. I also checked the gas output and it now only 200ml per minute. I topped the electrolyte and adjusted the concentration until the output was 300ml per minute at 9A (cold start).

Although the level of electrolyte is below the level of the gas-out pipe, I noticed that there was brown foamy electrolyte bubbling about 7cm up the gas-out pipe. There is a possibility that there was some residue of soap on the plates on the inside of the housing which may be contributing to this. I need to open the cell and clean it up.

I don't mind this type of incident as it is easy to set it up to the same level again, but the one thing that I will not fiddle with in a hurry is the setting on the MAP sensor enhancer.

I have been going over my calculations and although I can't find anything to the contrary, I have this horrible feeling that I did top up the tank in between without having recorded this information. I noticed that the trip meter did not correspond with my recordings of the odometer readings and if this is the case, then I have only attained an economy rate of 20KM PLUS PER LITER (town driving) instead of the 30km plus that I previously thought. The next few tanks of fuel will settle this issue for me.

I cannot wait to hit the open road again to see what the consumption will be then! I just wish I could do all this with a working PWM controller.


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