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Run your car or bakkie on water with a HHO or HHOO generator.

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New! How to build a basic hydrogen-on-demand wet cell.

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Water is the key to life, Hydrogen and Oxygen. But it must also be accompanied by the right spirit (will) to do good, which also necessitates sacrifice, otherwise our efforts are in vain...

Through a process of electrolysis we can separate and free oxygen and hydrogen which is bound in H2O, commonly known as water. When these gases are fed into an internal combustion engine (petrol or diesel) then the "burn" of the fuel vastly improves which then enhances the fuel economy of that engine.

If you are looking for life forms, don't confine your search to the existence of the element of oxygen, for without hydrogen the other doesn't matter. Both are required to sustain life.

The same applies to the internal combustion engine, be it petrol or diesel. Hydrogen and oxygen can give us new life by drastically reducing or even eliminating the harmful emissions which the governments of this world are so fond of, for these determine the extent of the ruling party's wealth and power.

Unfortunately between the world governments, the oil companies and the vehicle manufacturers they conspire to control the way engines will be run so as to control the economy and their incomes.

I have seen the difference in what an engine looks like after it has run on HydrOxy as a supplement to the fuel, with no carbon deposits and clean and shiny. But best of all the exhaust gas is nowhere near as toxic as in a non-hybridised car and it is only after you discontinue the HydrOxy that you then notice how foul the fumes are.

And then there is the obvious benefit of the increased fuel economy and power, the extent to which no fuel injected system can ever provide, and also not forgetting the ecological and health benefits.

In my previous car I only achieved a 50% increase in fuel economy (town and highway). In my present car the MAP sensor is mitigating against the benefits of HydrOxy and so I've scrapped it for a while. But I'm missing the clean exhaust, or rather the lack of obnoxious fumes.

I am investigating various engine management systems as an alternative to either fitting a carburetor or buying a new carbureted engine. If I can get around the MAP sensor without changing to carb then I will - it depends on the costs.

Achieving a huge increase in fuel economy is not pie in the sky, it is a simple case of math. Two thirds of the fuel going into the engine gets blown out through the exhaust, hence the need for catalytic converters. If there were a way to utilise this otherwise wasted fuel then already we would see a phenomenal increase in economy. This can only be attained to some extent by tuning and tweaks. We need to focus on improving the "burn" in order to achieve any significant gains, and by significant I am talking about 100% plus. This is what I am concentrating on and aiming for.

Out of all the "experts" out there I have seen very few who seem to have grasped the simple principle of firstly trying to use all the fuel going into the engine. Most of the "experts" are trying to supplement the fuel with hydrogen which provides enormous challenges for the ordinary man in the street with limited resources.

This is a record of what I have personally tried over the past few years to achieve not only an improvement in fuel consumption and increased engine power, but also to reduce the toxic gasses normally spewed out of my car's exhaust.

Since January 2008 I have built many brute force wet cells, and now recently dry cells, to achieve my goals. The primary problem with today's cars, however, is the electronics which are designed to mitigate against improvements in fuel economy.

Another problem facing cell builders the world over is the runaway effect: while the cell runs it heats up which causes the current (amperage) to increase, which again causes the cell to heat up more, and so on. In February this year (2011) Sean contacted me with an offer to build me a PWM controller to solve this problem. I provide more details on this in the updates from March 2011 onwards.

My thanks to Eddie Batista for the following encouraging message:

greetings John!
i congratulate you on your monumental task!!! i wish that all that read your website take heed to the good advice... we will need these very old skills soon again... we never needed a gasoline station period...

you have done a commendable job!

if hhoo gas is used, we can use these autos and trucks until we can cross over to electric. hho is a great fuel and hhoo gas is a great hybrid fuel for our present engines. yes i am a use of hhoo gas... i never plan to run an auto or truck with less efficiency than i have now!!!

i am now working on some electric generation... looking at wind and natural motion to catch some inefficiencies and produce electricity here... i hope to have something soon...

will keep everyone interested informed if i can come up with efficient power generation!

creation LOVES YOU, every child with breathing problems does too!!!!

i can not thank you enough for your effort.

your my hero sir!!!

your friendly delivery boy
eddie b.

No Sir  - you are my hero.



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