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September 2011

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20 September 2011

Big disappointment! After being convinced that I had achieved at least 20km/l plus (in-town driving), I had great expectations with the next tank of petrol. At the outset everything went wrong! I bumped the MAP enhancer and lost the setting that it was on.

Then it was evident that the amount of gunk from the 304 grade ss plates was resulting in a drop in amperage which led to a decrease in the amount of gas being produced. With the amperage at 6A the output was now only 100ml per minute! I poured some of the electrolyte off and added a stronger concentrate which initially raised the amperage up to 9A. But this quickly dropped back to 6A. The overall result for this tankfull was just over 10km/l.

Subsequently I haven't been able to fill the tank again. With the small amounts that I have been putting in since then all indications are that it is still only giving me around 10km/l.

I have been running this cell for a long time without servicing it so today I decided to open it for a clean. There was A LOT OF GUNK! (excuse the reflection in the electrolyte!)

I also noticed a fine crack running from the negative terminal down to the bottom of the housing.

I decided to rather leave this cell for the moment and I installed the 3 coil cell which I had previously prepared in another housing.


I had to pour a liter of the electrolyte out and replace it with ordinary tap water to reduce the amperage, as I had previously set it up to run with a PWM controller at 25A. The start-up amperage is now 17A and the output is 500ml/minute. I disconnected the lead off the negative terminal of the battery for half an hour to reset the computer. When it was reconnected I ran the engine without the electrolyser to re-adjust the MAP sensor enhancer. I cranked the pot all the way to get the maximum effect of the enhancer which resulted in the engine running a bit rough. I then slowly turned it back until the point where it just started running smoothly again. I will leave it at these settings and see how it goes. Unfortunately I don't have the money to fill the tank to do a proper check on the consumption.

At this amperage it won't take long for the cell to heat up but my distance traveling is on hold for a while, so I'll only be doing short local trips for the next bit. In the meanwhile I'll strip and clean the other cell and get it ready for the open road.

Shaun Pershouse from Pretoria mailed me about his successes with his 4L Jeep, from 6,2 to 10,8 km/l. He is running a dry cell and at 25A it produces 2lpm. Excellent going mate! He built his own PWM controller from http://www3.telus.net/chemelec/Projects/Hydrogen/I-Limit-PWM/I-Limit-PWM.htm. The MAP sensor enhancer he built from the the following document: Map sensor adjuster enhancer schematic (click link to download the pdf.)

I have often wondered why we are trying to get around the problems that the car manufacturers have created - rather than simply cutting these out of the loop. The oxygen and MAP sensors regulate the inflow of fuel - not us. Before I continue: I know nothing about how engines and fuel injection systems work, this is merely my simple take on the problem. Isn't there a way which the sensors can all be disconnected, or where they interface with the mechanical: surely those components can be taken out of the loop? Let the computer think it is controlling the engine whereas it is only when you put your foot on the accelerator that any petrol will be sent to the injectors.

There will be a million guys out there who will say that it cannot be done because the moment you tamper with ANYTHING the computer senses it and it then does stupid things - like throwing petrol at the problem or going into limp mode or switching off to "save" the engine. But there MUST be another way without having the hassles of trying to fool the sensors!? 


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