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Run your car or bakkie on water with a HHO or HHOO generator.

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March 2011

You may e-mail me at john@hydroxypower.co.za with questions, suggestions or if you can help in any way.

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21 March 2011

I have not given up on my quest, my HHO/HHOO project has just taken a back seat for the past 9 months for many reasons. Primarily because I cannot get around the MAP sensor which is preventing me from obtaining any gains from the hydroxy.

It is not only the current fuel prices that have renewed action on my part, I am now tired of walking past the back of my car when the engine is running and smelling the fumes. With HHO or HHOO this smell is totally absent.

I have been following the guys on hhoinfo (http://hhoinformation.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network#axzz1HCw06AJ3) regarding methods how to modify MAP and other sensors. In my opinion this is working around the problem which entails costs and expertise which I am sorely lacking. To my mind the fix is get rid of that which stands in the way of the HHO/HHOO working - the fuel injection with the attendant electronics! If my business picks up and I can buy the double cab bakkie that I have in mind then I shouldn't have this problem. I rather fancy the 3L diesel model of the Ford Ranger double cab and I believe that diesel lends itself very well to HHO/HHOO without the need for fancy mods iro the electronics. We'll see what the future holds...

I have eventually obtained a quote to convert my car from fuel injection to carburetor: R2000 to R2500 (and then with secondhand spares nogal!). I believe that I can get a Japanese copy of this motor in the carb version for just a few thousand Rand more than doing the conversion. So in my opinion it would be better to rather buy a new motor because the cost of converting my existing motor which has 250k on the clock is not going to be cost effective. I just need to find the money...

Recently I received an e-mail from Sean from Gauteng who said that he was interested in helping me with a PWM controller. Previously I spoke to friends of mine who are electronics "boffins" and I provided them with the schematics provided by Zero Fossil Fuel. The response I received was that this PWM would provide a maximum of about 4 amps (about 10A peak). Well, I was now unsure because the design was supposed to be able to produce 75A continuous, 250A peak! So when Sean contacted me my faith was immediately restored as he was positive about the design being able to produce the goods. He volunteered to build one for me as his contribution to my project - thank you Sean! He has already sent me a photo of the circuit board which he has finished,

I am now waiting for further developments. Sean sounds like he can also help me with the MAP issue, but this will only be possible if I can get my car to him for a period of time.

In a later e-mail Sean sent me photos of further progress:

When I receive the PWM I want to install my new cell and see what happens when I crank 30A through it.

In the meantime I have been conditioning the plates by running the cell for up to 12 hours at a time. Beyond that it starts to heat up which I don't want. I have also learned a lot from building this cell and I now want to build another one. I have found that using Pratleys does not provide a stable fix for where the plastic elbow fittings attach to the perspex. Next time round I want to tap the holes in the perspex to screw the elbow fittings in. I have managed to locate a firm in Gauteng that looks like they might have the elbow sizes that I'm looking for - if they ever answer my e-mails!

I will use the same perspex end plates that I am using now. I just need to find someone to tap them for me. Some time ago I asked a local engineering firm and they wanted about R20 per hole!

Nou ja... until next time.


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