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Run your car or bakkie on water with a HHO or HHOO generator.

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April 2010

You may e-mail me at john@hydroxypower.co.za with questions, suggestions or if you can help in any way.

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New! How to build a basic hydrogen-on-demand wet cell.

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18 April 2010

I still have not sorted out the MAP sensor, so in the mean time (sadly) I have not been running the electrolyser. I have found a site where this guy sells a MAP controller for $25 which he says will solve the the problem, but I first need to verify certain things regarding the sensor in order to see whether this controller is compatible. If it is, I may consider buying it, we'll see...

Can you believe it: after all these many weeks of waiting, the 316 ss plates that I ordered have still not arrived!! The Slower South Coast is certainly living up to it's reputation. The scary part is that the engineering firm, from which I ordered them, is (probably) the biggest one in Margate and on this part of the coast! 




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